Activities M1

Activity 1

Now that you have familiarised yourself with the method, you should carry out and test the intervention in practice, with a group of participants.

Please follow the steps below when conducting the exercise / activity:

  • Make sure you are sufficiently familiar with the intervention description
  • Assemble a group of young people from your private or professional environment who would like to participate in the intervention
  • Give the participants comprehensive information about the intervention, clarify questions and make sure that all participants take part in the session voluntarily and without coercion
  • Prepare the intervention according to the description (preparation of the room, necessary materials, Introduction of the participants to the intervention).
  • Conduct the intervention as described
  • Allow sufficient time for the follow-up of the intervention with the participants.
  • Make your own evaluation of the entire implementation using the evaluation questionnaire for trainers / coaches (see download section).
  • Please upload your completed evaluation questionnaire on google-drive using this link.
  • (optional) If possible, ask participants for feedback on the intervention using the Participant Evaluation Questionnaire (see download section) and upload the results on google-drive as well.
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