• Whether we like it or not, due to the phenomenon of globalization, we live in an interconnected and interdependent world where responses and forums for participation in decision-making are increasingly global. Currently, no single country can manage global challenges, nor the threats and risks of a globalized world, and increasingly the events that occur in one region of the planet have a greater impact on the rest of the regions, even if they are very far away from each other. That is, political, economic, social phenomena, etc., are interrelated with each other. For these reasons, it is more important than ever that our knowledge – and especially that of young people – and our defence of society, tolerance, democracy and Human Rights go beyond the local level.
  • So, the goal of this method is for young people to examine how countries are interconnected, and how we live in a globalized and interdependent world where we can be affected by an event that happens far from us. It is important that young people recognize that we are all more alike than we think and that, in turn, what differentiates us enriches us as a society. The more truthful information we have about what is happening in the world, the more tools we will have in order to form an opinion that is tolerant and respectful, and thus move away from extreme positions and prevent radicalization.
Prepared by the authors