Unit 1: About MUN

The MUN is a UN education simulation, which aims to train participants, mostly young people, in international negotiations for the promotion of human rights and democracy, but also to the development of good communication, international relations and diplomacy. This methodology is ideal for applicability in an international and local context as well.

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Educational Value of MUN simulations
  • Model UN helps students to develop public speaking, writing and research skills. In addition, they often provide the first entry point into international affairs and introduce students to the wide range of peace and security, human rights, development and rule of law issues that are on the UN agenda.
  • What is often overlooked is the important role that MUN simulations can play in teaching students about the UN as an institution, its role in world affairs, and the art of diplomacy that underlies the unique way in which it makes decisions that affect our lives.
Participants: young people (higher secondary or university students)
  • Delegates/Diplomats of different UN Member States
  • Research on international current issues
  • Public speech → Policy proposals → Debate → Creation of “alliances” → Amendments → Draft resolutions → Vote → Award

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