Unit 2: How it works

Individual work (5-10 minutes):

  • Hand out a copy of the “Power Flower” to all participants.
  • They are given the task of marking either the inner or the outer petal for each category, depending on where they feel they belong. If they cannot associate themselves with either petal, they are allowed to add a third petal. Basically, the decision of which petal to mark is left to the self-assessment of the participants.
  • Explain that the centre of the flower is about differentiation categories that are effective in German society. In the inner petals the groups that are structurally more privileged in Germany are named, in the outer petals the groups that tend to be deprived.
  • You should make sure to point out that afterwards the Power Flower remains with the respective participants and does not have to be shown publicly.

Small groups (20 minutes):

  • When all participants have finished marking their worksheet, they go into small groups (4-6 people) to discuss the Power Flower.
  • The following questions, which should be written on a poster for all to see, can serve as orientation for them:
    • Where was the assignment to the petals difficult, where not? Why?
    • What is the ratio of inner (privileged) and outer (non-privileged) flowers on my Power Flower?
    • How does it feel to be in the inner/outer group?