Unit 3: Suggestions for the training

  • The trainer should take the conversation to a productive direction of the situation that we are talking about.
  • The trainer must avoid problematic situations that lead to xenophobia or negative thinking about foreigners.
  • The trainer must find strategies so that the participants cannot use the easy exit route.
  • The trainer can prepare a list of questions to keep the discussion alive.
  • The trainer can display images related to the topic being discussed.
  • Question at the end: do you think you have the power to change the world?
  • Approach it like as someone in the other part of the world has similar circumstances to mine. Look for similarities. Encourage empathy. What do people think? What perspective can we offer? Promote engagement. See people as people. Humanize.
  • It may be a good idea to do a “human map” with the participants. Each one of them will be a country and they can pass the ball of wool to create a connection between all of them.